Violet Rice

Violet Rice

Whole grain Violet rice

  • Variety
    Pourple-Coloured Whole Grain Rice
  • Cooking times
    40 minutes
  • Place of cultivation
    Collobiano and Quinto Vercellese
  • Info
    Riso di Nori exclusive

Violet rice is one of the wonders of the Italian biodiversity.

It is a unique variety because all the vegetative cycle is characterized by the presence of anthocyanins which is responsible of its purple colour.

Amidst the infinitive green fields that characterized the landscape of squared sea in the North of Vercelli, the purple fields are a fascinating and yet natural show. It is originated by a spontaneous intersection; nature, the main character of our company, not only gives its colour but also a spectacular aroma that led us to produce with this variety, other products such as the Violet Beer. Now new surprises are coming!

Suitable for the preparations of main courses and salads, it can also be used as a side dish with meat and fish, and even in desserts!

For us it is also suitable for the preparation of special risotto with Gorgonzola, a burst of flavour that you will not forget.

It is recommended to observe water/rice proportions indicated on the packs to avoid water excess at the end of cooking and to not lose all nutritional properties. If after cooking you can still see a lot of water, we suggest to not thrown it but use it to prepare new recipes! 


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