• Variety
    PDO S.Andrea Rice
  • Cooking time
    12 minutes
  • Place of cultivation
    Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese
  • Info
    Creamy risotto


The PDO S.Andrea Rice of Baraggia Biellese e Vercellese is undoubtedly the most representative rice and the flagship  of the Baraggia.

It was introduced in 1974 as a selection of an older rice variety named Rizzotto. With smaller grains than the traditional rice used for risotto, this fine variety has an excellent ability to absorb flavors and has a considerable release of starch, which makes it perfect for creamy risottos.

Suitable for the preparation of Sicilian arancini and supplì, thanks to its crunchiness it can be used for the preparation of desserts.

The Baraggia is a foothills area located between Vercelli and Biella: a precious territory which from the massive of Monte Rosa, expands to the plains, and is crossed by the streams Cervo and Elvo.

The geographic conformation of the territory and the climate determine a particular plant development; the grains of the varieties grown in Baraggia have peculiar organoleptic characteristics among which the pleasant consistency stands out.


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