Produce good and healthy food for everyone with particular attention to the new generations

I chose to focus on valorisation of tradition and respect for the land in the belief that the production of good and healthy food for everyone is the best job of the world.

Im a mother who cares about the development of the new generations

Thanks to my father’s constant support, today Riso di Nori uses state-of –the-heart machineries, storage and drying silos of the last generation with causes a reduced environmental impact.

A modern company, which doesn’t forget the productive process of the old-time as the cleansing by hand: for this reason, in my company tradition and modernity go hand in hand.


I managed to deal with the whole production chain: from seed to finished products; in this way I can guarantee the highest quality and traceability.

For marketing and commerce, I rely only on shops that sell high quality products that follow the customers in choosing and that can convey the value of what is produced.

Why do I do all this? Because I love my company, my job but, first of all, because I am a mother who cares about the healthy development of the new generations.


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