I am Nori

From stage to rice field: here’s how my passion for rice was born

Energy, professionalism and, above anything else, passion.

Those are the main values which distinguish my work and that I always try to convey to all customers who buy and appreciate my rice.

My name is Eleonora Bertolone but everybody knows me as Nori.

Love for the land and wonder of nature are the values that my family handed in me

The history of Riso di Nori began after a series of unforeseeable events that brought my “pink ballet dance shoes” into the rice fields.

My family managed the rice farm, which was built slowly, “nurtured” – I should say – with an enduring passion for the land and countryside handed down to my brothers and me.

After graduating in Business Administration at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, I decided to take the reins of the company and continue the family tradition, alongside my tireless father, Giovanni. 


Today, I feel grateful for this unexpected professional outcome, which comes from the depths of my soul: love for the land and wonder for nature, which I saw many times in my grandfather’s eyes as we walked through the rice fields hand in hand, those feelings have been handed down, they are mine!

The transition from abstract accounting to rice grains wasn’t easy; you cannot just suddenly become a farmer.

I started out in the rice fields together with my master Mario, a specialist of rice culture, who patiently showed me everything you cannot learn from books but only from a passionate expert who has devoted his life to the land. In the meantime, I attend a Master’s course in Management for the Development and Promotion of Agri-Food and Health Products at the Università del Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro” in Novara. Once graduated, I married my husband, Stefano, who is now the Sales Manager of my farm and is enjoying his work tremendously! 


Together with my husband and children, I put the hands in the land of my rice fields

Faith, family and nature are my three keystones.

I am a famer, a wife and a mother: managing my time is an ongoing  challenge, but in my Tenuta Cartiera, in touch with the nature among the rice fields and beneath the glowing red sunset and beloved mountains, time takes on its true value and managing it all becomes a joy.

My grandfather taught me to “put my hands into the dirt”, because the land beckons: this is exactly what I’ll teach to my own children Caternina and Nicolamaria, my first demanding little tasters, along with my husband Stefano!

The best moment of the day is when we are all together and tasting my rice, because happiness is savoured above anything else at the table.


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