Orange Rice

Orange Rice

The Italian Orange rice!

  • Variety
    Orange Whole Grain Rice
  • Cooking times
    35 minutes
  • Place of cultivation
    Collobiano and Quinto Vercellese
  • Info
    Riso di Nori exclusive

The Orange rice is an aromatic, whole grain rice belonging to the red rice family. It is cultivated with passion in the land of the Azienda Agricola Eleonora Bertolone and all the productive chain: from seed to the finished product, take place in an area of a few kilometres North of Vercelli.

It is a spontaneous variety like the Violet rice, its delicate aroma makes it really tasty and, thanks to the size and shapes of the grains, remain intact during cooking.

Suitable for the preparation of main courses and salads, it can also be used to prepare side dishes with meat or fish. Its special aroma makes it an ingredient that beautifully accompanies vegetables dishes.


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