Quick-cooking Violet rice

Quick-cooking Violet rice

Smooth rice grains, of pleasant texture, which will not overcook

  • Variety
    Quick-cooking Violet rice
  • Cooking time
    17 minutes
  • Place of cultivation
    Collobiano and Quinto Vercellese
  • Info
    Riso di Nori exclusive

Quick-cooking Violet Riso di Nori rice is a native variety of Italian aromatic purple-coloured whole grain rice, born from an innovative process aimed to enhance the rice natural qualities. Ideal for serving as a side dish with meat or fish.

The rice grains are smooth and remain intact during cooking. The cultivation, husking, parboiling and packaging of the finished product, take place in an area of a few kilometres north of Vercelli, thus enhancing the local vocation for such an innovative product. It is a special rice insofar as both the grains and the entire plant are purple-coloured, naturally due to the presence of anthocyanins.

From sowing to ripening, the rice plants offer various shades of purple: the leaves of the plant reach the peak of colour intensity in July, and then start transferring the anthocyanins to the cob for completing ripening. The scent in the field on windy days is intoxicating and you can already anticipate the pleasant aroma that is fully released during cooking.

Thanks to the pleasant texture and cooking properties, it is also suitable for other culinary preparations including rice salads, rice pilaf and special risotto. Even simply boiled and dressed with a little extra virgin oil, to offers the palate the satisfaction of a full taste.


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